What are the payment terms for Procurement and Logistics service?

We offer credit between 0 -90days.

Is the Modular Structure safe against Vandals and Robbery?

Yes, the Structure is safe against any type of vandalism. Burglary proof is installed just like any other structure. However, just like in Wet construction, heavy mechanical impact would damage the structure.

What is the Cost implication of the Modular compared with Wet construction?

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What is the duration of construction?

In as little as 2-3weeks for Gatehouses. Duration of completion depends on Size of structure. One of the advantages is Speed of construction.

What about finishing the surface of the structure, can it be painted, tiled etc?

The surface can be finished as per taste. The structure can be plastered, painted or apply wall papers. The surface can also be tiled or a vinyl coating can be used.

How are the Service pipes outlined in terms of Electrical and Mechanical Services for the modular structures?

The service pipes for the Electrical and Mechanical services can either be embedded or surface depending on the thickness of the wall panel.

What are the energy savings I can expect to achieve?

MOA’s Modular structures are Green structures also known as Insulated structures. There’s an operational cost savings of 40% or more on energy.

What type of Insulation is used?

Rigid Polyurethane foam (PUF/PIR) or Polystyrene (XPS/EPS) as required by the customer.

What are the Services rendered by M.O.A?

Instrumentation, Electrical, Mechanical and Consulting Services.Design-Supply-Install-Support-Maintenance contract services.

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